T-FIT came about when Joshua and Sherry, both from Temple, met by coincidence at an Autism Fitness Training in Houston. They discovered they shared a passion for working with people of all ages and abilities to improve their lives through functional fitness training. Now they work to assist those in the Central Texas through fun, functional movements to become physically, socially, and emotionally stronger in order to live healthy, independent lives to their fullest. 


Joshua Crixell

B.S. Kinesiology from University of Texas Austin

Autism Fitness-Level 1 Certification

I have long believed that movement and physical activity are critical components of a happy and a fulfilling life.  I studied exercise science in college, have worked as a personal trainer and taught group exercise classes. I am also an avid long-distance cyclist and enjoy introducing others to the sport.  I have two Autistic sons, and while I have learned more wonderful things from them than I can count, I have also learned the sad fact that the world will frequently exclude them from the exercise activities I enjoy because of their differences. This is has driven me to make a Neurodiverse place where my sons and others with special needs can discover their inner athletes. I want to share my love of physical activity with special needs athletes to help them become more mobile, strong, active and engaged.

Sherry Ayres


Autism Fitness Level 1 Certification; RBT

I have been an active person all of my life in some form or fashion from golf, running, cycling, crossfit, you name it. I have also been a special education teacher for over 25-years. Over the years, I have progressively noticed poor eating habits and a rise in sedentary behavior in not only the students I teach, but for many people in the fast-paced society we live in today , thus leading me to pursue my personal trainer certification. But, I not only enjoy helping others with their physical transformations, but mentally as well. I strongly feel that there is a positive correlation between physical activity and social well-being in order for one to have and live a quality life. Therefore, my passion is to help all see that they have the ability to be strong, independent, and healthy.

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