Superior Moves Initiative will take place the first Wednesday of each month beginning March 4th at 10:30 at Temple Community Clinic for FREE!!! Come and get your MOVE ON!!

T-FIT Tip of the Week

What is your motivation to exercise?

To feel better or lose weight, 

To set a positive example for others or your own children, 

To enhance your cardio, strength, both mentally and physically,  and endurance,

To decrease or eliminate cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, or to get off medications that can be eliminated through diet and exercise.

ONLY YOU can take charge of your life. 

"Through exercise and movement, we strive to improve an athlete's quality of life and ADL's. We recognize the neurodiversity and abilities of our athletes and will provide a socially and emotionally supportive environment to strengthen, nurture, and foster the growth the athlete."